Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What patriotic deeds we can do in Kuwait to make India proud in the eyes of foreigners?

I think my love for India has only increased after I left the country 10 years ago. I’d never, even in my wildest dreams, imagined that I would miss the hustle bustle, the crowd, the food, the ambiance.

Patriotic deeds we can do in Kuwait to make India proud in the eyes of foreigners are as follows:

1. Never talking ill of our country. Always praising it.

2. Joining politics, the government services or NGO such thing. Getting into some direct work involved in improving the state of one’s country, like social work. I have done Masters in Social Work from Loyola College; I can help you to help yourself!

3. Having a proper knowledge about our country’s history, its milestones and the significance of important days.

4. A strong civic sense as a citizen and this includes observing one’s duties like not littering, participating in community drives and awareness programmes and voting.

5. A refusal to give or take bribes, paying one’s taxes, doing an honest job.

6. Love for one’s fellow countrymen, regardless of their creed or caste.

7. Feeling a pride in one’s country’s culture and achievements.

8. Invest in India and settle back in our country.

And then again, should a person who leaves his/her country to settle abroad be loyal to the country of origin or country of choice?

I think if we all endeavored to be good human beings, a lot of things would automatically fall into place.

My dream is to see India excel in Education, waste management, services, town planning, environment and many other things. I want to be proud of my country and I hope India will give lots of reasons for us to be proud of it and I know its only us Indians who can make it happen.

I always see being patriotic, doing good deeds, showing compassion for others, helping people when in need, reaching out to make peoples live better. If you are little bit patriotic than you might be a good citizen of your nation or this globe which is now “a flat world”

I have a separate list of Patriotic Songs in my iPhone and listen to it religiously In fact, I’m listening to it now. Maybe you should include that in your list of “Patriotic things to do”. Jai Hind!

Rabindranath Tagore said:”observe yourself in other people” I want to say, be the best and win the world.

There are two types of patriotism:

One, where you feel pride for your country, and expect people to accept your nation’s claim to greatness irrespective of its actions and policies. This is the almost absolute nature of Indian political patriotism. Here, anything you do out of mainstream propaganda recommendations is ‘anti-national’. Like cutting a cake with the tricolor, or wearing underwear with the tricolor on it.

Two, where you feel love for your country and its people for certain reasons, but you do not throw the weight of this emotion on other people. In other words, if you stand while the anthem is played, you don’t poke the buttock of the one who is sitting and listening to his iPod. You give the fellow his space, his freedom to be what he is. This is an endangered specimen of patriotism.

Patriotism has little to do with corruption, except that you wouldn’t expect corruption from a patriot, but I am not very sure of that. The straw men here are the altruistic ‘poorest of poor’, ‘cheating on taxes’, ‘paying obeisance to the powerful’, All of which are the jargon and intrinsic component of socialism. Corruption is possible only in a socialistic set-up (this statement cannot have a scientific proof today because of lack of historic models of laissez-faire capitalism). Patriotism has very little to do about it.

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